ThinkPad 25 Five Month Update

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Ok, I’ve owned Lenovo’s ThinkPad 25 for about five months now, so I’ve had time to really get to know it, and for the appeal of something new and shinny to wear off. It hasn’t. I still pause to think about how much I enjoy using this machine pretty much every time I sit down with it.

The best part is absolutely the keyboard, but the rest of the machine is also a joy to use. The battery consistently lasts me a full day of normal use for me. (Several terminal windows with remote sessions to many systems, Thunderbird checking 6 email addresses, Firefox with three windows of about 20 tabs each open, plus whatever I’m working on at that moment.) I have run the battery low a few times, especially when doing the above while editing ridiculous documents in a Windows 7 VirtualBox VM, but just think about that workload. That’s a lot.

The machine always feels very fast, even under load. I’ve never really strained it.

The screen is perfect. (Though I disable the touchscreen fairly often, especially when working with others, because no one assumes it’s a touchscreen.) The machine isn’t ultralight, but it’s never felt heavy to me. I’ve used every single port it offers at least once and have only needed a dongle to connect to a VGA monitor. (Over USB-C, as it happens.)

In this time the machine has locked up on me only once or twice. Once definitely just after a BIOS update. It locked up hard once and has been flawless since. The ThinkPad dock works great and allows me to use my old 27” iMac as an external monitor over DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort. My only caveat with this is that it can take 30 seconds for the computer and the display to sort themselves out and in the meantime it looks like the computer has crashed. Odd, but using the iMac as a display has always been a little quirky.

In day-to-day use, the ThinkPad 25 is a pleasure. The finish on both the keyboard and the wrist rest feels great and makes extended use positively luxurious. The shape and balance of the machine are just perfect. It looks most like the iconic ThinkPad X300, and is just slightly larger than it.

ThinkPad 25 Keyboard This is what the perfect keyboard looks like. (IMHO)

More on the keyboard: From a distance it looks like the X220 keyboard used in 2012 that was also the part used for the USB ThinkPad keyboard that I hoard both at home and work, however it is subtly different, and is even nicer to use. The key travel is perfect, the layout is pretty much perfect. If I could buy it as a standalone USB or BlueTooth keyboard, I would stock up on many of them.

Really, Lenovo hit it out of the park with the ThinkPad 25. Three months in, I’d say it’s the nicest laptop I’ve ever used.

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