Ubuntu 17.10 released!

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Ubuntu 17.10 was released today. This is a significant release for several reasons. First, it’s the last release before their next LTS release. Second, it’s their first release defaulting to Wayland and Gnome3.

I’ve been running the betas of Ubuntu 17.10 for a while now on several machines. Notably the ThinkPad X220, E575 and now the ThinkPad 25 (a modified T470.)

Overall, it’s been a pleasant, stable experience, though I should note that I’ve been running it in the form of Pop!_OS rather than pure Ubuntu.

I’ll miss Unity, in a way. Visually, I never really liked it that much. Functionally, it was great. Gnome3 is prettier but less functional for me so far.

I understand that 17.10 will use Wayland rather than X11 by default. We’ll see about this. People have been trying to kill of X11 since I started using Linux in the late 90s. It may actually happen this time, but I’m still skeptical. I tried it on my 2013 Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition and didn’t make it through an entire day before the UI lag had me switching back to X11. It’s very well tested. Warts and all.

Long-term, I think this was the right move. Ubuntu is great and Canonical is a major player, but Mir and Unity took a lot of resources for very little perceivable gain. Ubuntu 17.10 already feels more stable and fluid to me than 16.04 felt. It feels like a very solid pre-LTS release.

I think 18.04 is going to be great.

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