ThinkPad 25 Update: Real-world Battery

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I successfully used the ThinkPad 25 all-day today at work. Including but not limited to a very long marketing meeting in which I took minutes using Evernote constantly through the browser.

I generally ran with three browser windows open with a total of around 50 tabs, Thunderbird checking 8 mail accounts, and multiple terminal windows doing a mix of local and remote work.

The ThinkPad 25 works perfectly in Ubuntu 17.10. Power management is seamless, as is the networking. It just works.

My work day started at 9:15 am, it’s currently 9:15 pm as I write this. I’d say I’ve been using the machine actively for about 6 hours today, another 1-2 where it sat idle but not suspended. The battery is currently showing 1:03 left with 5% left on the main (external) battery and 26% left on the internal battery. It can clearly get me through a day.

I love that there are two batteries on this machine. I may just buy a spare so that I can swap as needed. Right now, they’re between $100 and $175 depending on capacity.

Next, I’ll review the docks.

GoSaBe Blog - Nov 9, 2017 | Hardware, Linux, ThinkPad