ThinkPad 25 two days in

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I’ve had the ThinkPad 25 for a couple of days now and I’m working on a review but am trying to wait until the initial “Oh wow, this is fantastic!” phase wears off. So far, no sign of that.

The short version? This is quite possibly the perfect laptop for me. It has a great screen, it’s thin enough, light enough, has great battery life, has a GPU that’s good enough for any game that I might throw at it, appears to run Ubuntu perfectly, and has the absolute best keyboard I’ve ever used, so using it is a pleasure.

There are thinner. There are lighter. There are faster. There are better gaming machines. But. I am not aware of any other machine on the market that so closely aligns with my priorities. It really does seem to be the perfectly balanced machine. I think I will own and use this computer for a very, very long time.

GoSaBe Blog - Oct 19, 2017 | Hardware, Linux, ThinkPad