MacBooks and dust

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I haven’t extensively used newer Mac keyboards yet. I’ve tried them in the store and I know they’re not for me just based on how they feel. Apparently, they’re also extremely fragile and very expensive to fix.

Apple has generally made terrific keyboards. Not as good as the ThinkPad X220 or my new ThinkPad 25, but among the best in the industry. Every PowerBook keyboard was fabulous. In my opinion, most Apple keyboards until the unibody were top-notch, and even the unibody keyboard used until 2016 was pretty great. Not as nice to type on as my much-loved 12″ PowerBook, but in the ballpark.

These new keyboards sound like an utter disaster. It is a major problem when the one and only maker of the hardware and software are unwilling to make a decent product. It feels like this is where Apple is with the Mac now. It isn’t good.

Thin is nice but it isn’t the only factor in how nice a machine is to use. They need to dial it back for their 2018 models.

Ports and repairable hardware are important. They’ve lost sight of this in their obsession to develop the thinnest possible products. This is now starting to hurt them.

GoSaBe Blog - Oct 18, 2017 | Hardware, macOS