Apple Magic Keyboard Review

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The Apple Magic Keyboard is a slight iteration over the previous Apple Wireless Keyboard. In this case, I assume that the Magic part of the keyboard is that it has far less travel on the keys, is a little smaller than the old keyboard, and has an integrated battery that charges over Lightning. The last point is nice, but this is still just a normal Bluetooth keyboard. It doesn’t feel great, it costs significantly more than the previous model, and, charging aside, seems like a step backwards to me in every way.

I’m typing this on the new Apple Magic Keyboard. The travel is quite shallow. The angle is very shallow. It’s very small and light, charging over USB is nice. However, I don’t really like the feel of it. I prefer the older Bluetooth wireless keyboard.

There’s a caps lock light. I like that. The font on the keyboard is nice, and different from the old one

It pairs easily in Ubuntu 17.10. At 129 it’s high-end but not particularly expensive.

It only pairs with one device, unlike the Logitech K810. It isn’t backlit.

When compared to the previous Apple Wireless keyboard, it seems like a step back to me. The travel is very, very shallow and isn’t as comfortable as the older keyboard. Apple’s idea of progress seems to be to give us ever thinner devices that compromise the actual user experience, while simultaneously raising the price and reducing features.

The new Apple keyboard lies almost flat on the desk. The slight angle of the old one made it nicer for me to type, so again, this looks better on the showroom floor but isn’t as pleasant to use daily.

Yeah, I guess that’s all there is to it. Unless you get it for free or really want to charge over lightning, I’d skip this keyboard. There are far better out there.

GoSaBe Blog - Nov 21, 2017 | Hardware