The BlackBerry PlayBook in 2015

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More than four years on, the BlackBerry PlayBook remains my favourite tablet. It is the most comfortable tablet to hold for an extended period of time, the screen is great (particularly outdoors) and has the best speakers on any tablet.

It’s no coincidence that my second favourite tablet, the iPad Mini 2, is almost the same size as the PlayBook. (Granted, it’s thinner, lighter, has a bigger, much higher-resolution screen, can run all apps under the sun, and is much, much faster.)

Still, I keep coming back to the PlayBook.

Which brings me to the point of this article. Just this morning, in an attempt to load the Kindle app on my PlayBook, I’ve found tools to make it more useful than ever. (Including but not limited to a working Kindle app.)

To start, you can now easily manage your PlayBook apps from Chrome using a BlackBerry 10/PlayBook app manager extension.

All you have to do is put the PlayBook in Developer mode and browse to it from the app manager extension. After you log in, you can launch, delete, and install apps. ¬†PlayBook apps, like BlackBerry OS 10, are packaged in .bar files. ¬†It’s getting a bit harder to find .bar files on random sites this days, but thankfully the Good Reader Store has an entire section on the PlayBook.

From here, I was able to download:

What a find!


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