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OK, so I do worry about Canonical from time to time, but this should in no way be taken as a slight against Ubuntu. I think it’s fabulous for a host of reasons. Here’s a new one: The LTS Enablement Stack. Let me explain…

I’m happily using Elementary OS on my lovely Dell XPS 13. Elementary Luna is based on Ubuntu 12.04. The Elementary devs are hard at work on Isism which will be based on Ubuntu’s newest LTS, 14.04. In the meantime, I want the advantages of the latest Intel drivers and newest kernel, but I don’t want to run a beta OS on my main machine. No problem, Canonical has added what they call the LTS Enablement Stack.

This is an option to easily switch to the xorg and kernel release of newer releases of Ubuntu, while sticking with the supported versions of everything else with your current LTS. What does this mean? Even though I’ve been using Ubuntu 12.04 for two years, I’ve also been able to upgrade from kernel 3.2 to 3.8, 3.11, and now 3.13. I’m also able to run with the latest graphics improvements from Intel, all while still maintaining a perfectly stable system.

It’s the best of both worlds: A super-stable release and cutting-edge packages. All Ubuntu devs who came up with this elegant solution have my thanks.

GoSaBe Blog - Jun 6, 2014 | Hardware, Linux