Congratulations Ubuntu

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PPAs, LTS, Ubuntu One, Mir, Unity, JeOS, juju, DevOps, OpenStack, Ubuntu TV, Ubuntu Touch, Ubuntu Phone, Wubi, Steam support. Wow.

Canonical and the Ubuntu project have done so much for all of us over the last ten years. Whether you see it or not, I’m sure everyone on the internet “uses” Ubuntu daily. Sure, it makes a great desktop. I use it every day. But Ubuntu Linux is many people’s go-to platform for server and VM deployment.

I’m typing this on a lovely Dell XPS13. I bought it in 2013. It shipped with Ubuntu 12.04. There’s a big lazer-etched Ubuntu logo on the bottom. Think about that. As someone who’s been using Linux daily since the late 90s, I’m still amazed by this.

All of my lab machines at work dual-boot using Wubi, I update my servers with relative ease on predictable schedules. Desktop Linux thrives in our research labs, every one of them running Ubuntu or an Ubuntu-derivative.

It isn’t a stretch to say that Canonical and the Ubuntu project have done more to ease my daily work life than any other company, or any other open source software project. I thank Mark Shuttleworth for his, frankly surprising, dedication to this very worthy endeavour.

The first ten years have, on balance, been fantastic. I look forward to the future.

GoSaBe Blog - Oct 20, 2014 | Hardware, Linux, Virtualization