Back on the horse

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I haven’t posted much on this site for most of 2014. I’m not going to write more about it here but the short version is that, personally, we’ve been through the ringer in 2014. This is why I haven’t been writing any thoughts about tech, or reviews of nifty products I’ve tested. It’s been a tough year and a few things had to be cut. This was an easy one. GoSaBe is doing very well, our clients are great and have been very understanding.

The thing is, I like to write on occasion. John Gruber I am not. but I do love tech, know it well, and want to share my thoughts on occasion. So here I go. 2015 is a new year. I’m going to do what I can to queue a few things up and try to get writing again.

GoSaBe Blog - Dec 30, 2014 | GoSaBe News