What a month!

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Wow.  In one month, we’ve seen the release of Mac OS 10.9, Windows 8.1, Ubuntu 13.10, iOS 7, and BlackBerry OS 10.2, and now WordPress 3.7. What a month to be a systems guy!

And, I’m happy to report, I’m using all of the above!

I’m typing this on a Microsoft Surface RT running Windows 8.1 in IE 11.  Microsoft finally seems to have released a version of Internet Explorer that I don’t have any major beefs with.  It, like the OS, seems fast and fairly well thought out.  Go figure.

As for Mac OS 10.9, I’ve upgraded my work 11″ 2011 MacBook Air and it certainly doesn’t seem any worse off than it did on 10.8.  Multi-monitor support has finally been improved, and there are many other small improvements along the way.  Everything that had been working well under 10.8 still appears to be running fine under 10.9.  The only possible exception being VirtualBox. I’m sure that Oracle will have that working in a day or two.

Ubuntu 13.10 isn’t much to write home about, though I do look forward to testing it out on a Nexus 7 when I get a few minutes. The desktop version really doesn’t seem to have any significant improvements.  The big change was going to be a move from Xorg to Mir, but this was dropped late in the development cycle.  Such is life.

iOS 7 is iOS 7.  It marks a major change in the look and behaviour of the operating system, and brings Apple in line for excellent future growth.  That said, if you’re not a huge iOS fan, it isn’t going to convince you to change your views.  iOS continues to be an excellent, innovative platform that is blossoming despite Apple’s constant controls, and self-imposed limitations.  I understand why they’re doing what they’re doing; it’s clearly working for them, but I don’t have to like it or buy in.

Anyway, back to playing. I have operating systems to break!!



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