Recovering from VirtualBox oddness

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My ongoing love/hate relationship with VirtualBox had a new development today.  In trying to patch, update, and resume VMs on a host, all but one VM came up clean.

Of course, it was arguably the most important VM.

The error: Something scary about the hard drive not being able to be found, resulting in the VM being inaccessible.

The complaint was about the most recent drive snapshots.

Snapshots seem to be a real trouble spot for VirtualBox and me.

The advice is always the same: relax, take lots of backups, and don’t get too fussed up.

The workaround for this error: Tar the entire directly and ~/.VirtualBox for safety, then create a new VM using an existing disk.

I then pointed the drive at the snapshot that VirtualBox somehow lost track of (it didn’t show up in Media Manager but was A-OK on the filesystem.)

Much to my relief, it came back up cleanly.  I then powered off the VM and made a full clone to give it a fresh start.

GoSaBe Blog - Aug 16, 2013 | Linux, Virtualization