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Ever since my move away from Mac OSX to Linux, I’ve been quite impressed with how well Linux handles itself under load.  Here’s an example: Just this morning I was working away on something, and noticed that I had a VM running, likely for several days, that should have been dragging things down.  A whole separate operating system running simultaneously, and I’d missed it.  Things are so fast, CPUs so efficient, that I hadn’t even really noticed it kicking the fan on more than usual.

I think we’re finally there: Computers are fast enough.  Granted, I’m writing this on my quite new Dell XPS 13, but it’s not exactly the fastest machine on the market.  It’s “only” a dual-core 2.1GHz machine (which, as I’m writing this with several browser windows of 10+ tabs, Thunderbird, terminals, and more running is still downclocking to 754MHz with no noticeable detriment to system performance.)

Thinking back to when I started using computers, this is really quite remarkable.  Just imagine what the next twenty years will bring.

GoSaBe Blog - Jul 20, 2013 | Hardware, Linux