Mount an HFS+ partition without the journal

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I’m doing some data recovery on an external Mac USB drive, formatted hfsplus.  (What a strange filesystem.)

I was getting an “invalid journal” entry or somesuch.  My workaround was to mount the drive without the journal.  After force ejecting the drive, here’s the command:

mount_hfs -o rdonly -j /dev/disk5s2 /MountPoint

The above mounts the partition read-only and without the journal.  Last-resort, but it helped me get through the job.

I have to say, failing hard drives behave so strangely on a Mac.  It really is bizarre, and different every time.  Anyway, enough of that.  Here’s my tip:

More data recovery tips: check out Midnight Commander, my go-to crutch. Finally: find someone else to do it.  It’s strange on a Mac.


GoSaBe Blog - Jul 6, 2013 | Hardware, macOS