Dell XPS 13 FHD One Month Update

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I’m coming up on a month with my new Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition FHD.  One month seems a logical time for a follow-up review; here it is!

The short version: If you’re considering the XPS 13, just buy it.  Even if you don’t want the Linux version.  It’s a beautiful little laptop.

The long version: The XPS 13 is just fantastic for me.  It has the best screen on a laptop that I’ve used, it’s the fastest Linux box I’ve used, and in a month of full-time use, I haven’t once found it lacking.  In fact, since buying the XPS 13, I’ve sold off three machines: the ThinkPad X201s, the T500, and the HP EliteBook 2760p.

Last year, I moved from Mac OSX on an 11″ MacBook Air to Ubuntu 12.04 on a ThinkPad X200s.  I loved the move to Linux and welcomed the expandability of the ThinkPad over the MacBook Air.  However, I missed the form factor of the Air, as well as the screen quality.  I was happy to be rid of the 1366×768 display, but missed the overall hardware.  With the Dell XPS 13, I feel like my transition from Mac OSX is complete and that I finally have the best of all worlds.

The keyboard, a real hangup of mine, is great.  It’s different from a ThinkPad keyboard, but it’s absolutely fine and I haven’t missed the ThinkPad keyboard at all.  I do, however, miss the TrackPoint.  In fact, the only thing that I don’t like about the Dell is the trackpad.  As is common now, there is no way to tell if you’ve crossed the line between left and right mouse buttons.  Still, this is a very minor point.

For my purposes, the machine is superior in every way to the MacBook Air and the X201S that it replaced: It looks great like and is small and light with great build-quality like a MacBook Air, has a vastly superior 13.3″ 1920×1080 IPS display housed in hardware that is closer in size to the 11″ MacBook Air than to the 13″, it has better speakers than the ThinkPad or the MacBook Air, and it has top-notch, supported software that I use from laptop to server.  It’s not for everyone, but it’s certainly for me.

At this time, I don’t think that a better pairing of hardware and software exists for me than the Dell XPS 13 FHD and Ubuntu.  The machine is a well-supported joy to use.

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