A computer-free day

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As it turns out, yesterday I spent the bulk of the day in the garden.  At 8pm, I realized that I hadn’t used a computer yet, so it became the first “computer-free” day I’d had in probably three years.

I put computer-free in quotes, as I did use my BlackBerry Z10 to look a few things up, and respond to email, BBM, and text messages.  The Z10 has a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU and 2GB of RAM.  It’s running an advanced Unix-based OS, and has a total of 80GB of internal storage.  Depending on how you count, those specs are better than the 2010 MacBook Air I bought.  So really, rather than being a proper computer-free day, yesterday was a glimpse at the future: More intensely personal computing via smartphones etc., less “traditional” personal computing on laptops.  That this happened just days after I bought a fancy new laptop makes it all the stranger.

It’s interesting to think about what computing might like like in three, five, and ten years.  Now, ponder twenty years ago, consider the pace of change, and think of how we might be computing and communicating in another twenty years.  Fun stuff.

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