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I find other people’s workspaces interesting, so I thought it only appropriate to show you where I do my GoSaBe work. The iMac at the end is a used 24″ machine that is a file server mostly. The smaller monitor over the meeting table is where I tend to do more of my work. The monitor is a 20″ 4:3 Dell IPS display that only works on DVI, which is just fine for the 2010 MacBook Air that uses it.

Off to the right, you can see the luxurious Aeron chair that we bought. I think that it is the best proof that we did indeed spend a significant amount of time in Silicon Valley North (Ottawa) during the dot com days of our co-op. These are great chairs. It felt like a right of passage to pick one out. Anything that comes with a 12 year warranty is well-made.

Also off to the right is a table that serves a dual-purpose as bench/work table and sewing station. It’s so hard to keep business and pleasure separate, so we gave up. The sewing machine is a refurbished Bernina, Sarah’s “big” graduation gift for her PhD. Just off-camera to the right of it is an old 17″ HP 8710w laptop that has a gorgeous 1920×1200 screen. It’s four of five years old now and is still a screamer. It’s my only Windows machine. It sits above a Mac Mini that we call Irwin. Irwin is housed in a hollowed-out SGI O2 case. It runs our test and development VMs and is plugged in to a nifty Lenovo USB keyboard with integrated trackpoint. I love my ThinkPad keyboards!

That’s it. Sarah has an office upstairs as well. In it, she has a nice 24″ 1920×1200 display plugged in to either her HP EliteBook 8440p or an older Panasonic Toughbook CF-Y5 that she used for all of her grad work. I’d take a picture of her office as well, but I think she’d object.

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