Ubuntu tip: Load ICC profile in Xubuntu

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One great feature in Ubuntu 12.04 is the addition of a colour calibration tool in System Settings. A properly calibrated monitor can be the difference between night and day. Linux has been lagging in this area, but is reaching feature-parity with Mac OS and Windows rather quickly.

At the moment, I’m using the XFCE interface in Xubuntu on Ubuntu 12.04. It’s great, but doesn’t load Unity’s colour profiles by default. However, this is easy enough to remedy:

First, test your settings with xcalib. .icc profiles are stored in ~/.local/share/icc/

Fire up a terminal and type:
ls ~/.local/share/icc/
xcalib ls ~/.local/share/icc/

This should load your ICC profile, things should look nice.

To add this to your XFCE session, click on:

Settings -> Settings Manager -> Session and Startup -> Application Autostart

Click the little + icon, and add an item as below:

GoSaBe Blog - Jul 16, 2012 | Linux