OSX 10.8: Bye, bye X11

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Well, it seems that I was correct in guessing that Apple would eventually stop including X11.app in Mac OS. In fact, they removed it as a part of OSX 10.8.

OSX 10.8: X11 is gone, gone, gone.

They more or less did the same thing with Java in OSX 10.7.  The main difference being that when OSX detects that you need Java it will helpfully download and install it for you.  Not so with X11.  The dialogue above takes you to a page explaining that Apple is helping to fund the XQuartz project and that people needing X11 should use it instead.

This is better than nothing but is much worse than how they handled Java.  I’m not terribly surprised but I am rather disappointed at this turn of events. Between this and Gatekeeper, I think I timed my shuffle back to Linux-land just right.  I’m surprised that this change isn’t even mentioned in the Ars review.

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