Tablets, Smartphones, and laptops, oh my!

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This is my first iPad blog post. I have been editing and composing blog posts on my BlackBerry and the PlayBook using the Android player and WordPress app in OS 2.0. It’s interesting, I’ve owned the iPad for about a half year now. I bought it to solve a problem for a customer. It sat mostly unused for a few months but more and more I find myself turning to it. Apple has inde built a compelling ecosystem and the on-screen keyboard in landscape mode is very, very fast. I love the portability of the 7″ PlayBook, but the iPad is much more appropriately sized for longer emails and extended use.

In the end, no one device can do everything brilliantly. I always reach for the PlayBook first when I wan to listend to a podcast while doing housework. I’d take the iPad first for email and casual browsing around the house. If I’m heading to a show, it’s the phone only. As an operating system and platform guy, I love the sudden growth of all of these different form-factors and use cases. We are using computers, be they phones, tablets, laptops, or desktop machines, in innovative and unexpected ways. The technology is racing faster than we are even able to imagine how to use it. It’s great. Moreover, these devices aren’t only for the rich. You can get a usable 7″ tablet for well under $200 and even a high-end iPad maxes out at less than $1000. When you compare this to the price of computers over the years, this is just amazing.

We are absolutely moving to a deeply personal time in computing. I look forward to seeing how things evolve.

GoSaBe Blog - Feb 11, 2012 | GoSaBe News