Lenovo ThinkPad X200s One Month Update

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The X200s is just perfect: Blindingly fast, virtually silent, great screen resolution and battery, awesome keyboard!

I installed Ubuntu 12.04 on my “new” ThinkPad X200s on an auspicious day:  Friday, July 13th.  I’ve been using it more-or-less full time since then and thought it was time for the one month update.

First, I’m incredibly pleased with both the X200s hardware and Ubuntu 12.04’s Unity.  To date, I’ve owned 16 different ThinkPad models, from the X23, to the T60, the R51p, the X300, and many in between.  Of all of them, I feel that the X200s is the best blend of performance, expandibility, weight, and screen resolution.  Of all of them, it is the quietest, has my favourite keyboard, and has the best screen resolution for the size.  At 3lbs and 4:50 battery life, it is a perfectly balanced machine.

If I could make any changes, the first would be to add a matte IPS display like the R51p, though I’d stick with the 1440×900 resolution and 12.1″ screen size.  It would also be great if Lenovo had managed to make a 6 cell battery that was flush with the system.  The 4 cell just arrived.  With it, the X200s is a positive featherweight at 2.7lbs.  On the first time off the charge, the laptop reports 2:44 with the brightness set to low.  With moderate brightness and normal use, the battery is reporting back 2:30.  With the wireless off and light use, the system reports better than 3 hours.  This is good but not great, especially compared to iPads and the like.  It’s also only a few minutes in.  I’ve noticed that cell phone batteries seem to take a few days to settle in.  Perhaps it will be the same with the 4 cell batter.  For the moment, if I could only have one battery of the 4, 6, or 8 cell, I’d absolutely take the 6.

So there’s my one month update.  Even a month in, every time I use it I am impressed with the quality of the machine.  The ThinkPad X200s was quite expensive when it was new.  These days, you can pick up one like mine with a 128GB SSD for around $400 on ebay.  This is an absolute bargain for such a sturdy, fast, and well thought-out machine.

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