Kingspec grub error: out of disk “fix”

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I have long owned an HP 2710p.  This odd little tablet PC is a great machine.  Years ago, I replaced the hard drive with a 64GB Kingspec SSD.  This is an SSD for a 1.8″ ZIF PATA drive.  Other laptops such as the HP 2510p and a Sony TZ11 use the same type of drive.

The machine is great, but the boot process has been problematic for a while now.  I have finally wiped the dual-boot Windows 7/Ubuntu 10.04 install, replacing it with Ubuntu 12.04 instead.  The first few times I tried this, on reboot after install I would see “grub error: out of disk” at it would refuse to boot.  The “fix”? Create a small (~200MB) ext2 /boot partition.  I’m not sure why this works, but I found references to the problem. At any rate, with this in place, I still see the error, but the machine continues to boot and all is well.

GoSaBe Blog - Oct 23, 2012 | Hardware, Linux