International Women’s Day Celebration

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Dr. Sarah-Jane Whittaker, my wife and the more significant half of GoSaBe, participated in a panel today as a part of the Queen’s School of Computing’s celebration of International Women’s Day.

To say that I was proud to be in attendance is an understatement.

Computer Science — Academic VS Industrial Careers
Panel Session with:

Dr. Anne Condon (University of British Columbia)
Dr. Maria Velez-Rojas (CA Technologies)
Dr. Kelly Lyons (University of Toronto)
Dr. Diane Kelly (Royal Military College)
Ms. Katie Legere (Queen’s University)
Dr. Sarah-Jane Whittaker (GoSaBe Development and Design)

In this interactive session, our panelists will discuss their varied work experiences — some in academia, some in industry, and several who have experience in both.  We’ll discuss the pros and cons of obtaining a graduate degree vs entering the work-force immediately following undergraduate studies.  Attendees will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and add their experiences to the discussion.

I’m so proud of Sarah-Jane. It was an honour for Sarah to be a part of this panel, and it was an even greater honour for me to be able to attend the event. The Queen’s School of Computing is a warm and welcoming place to be. We both love being a part of it.

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