Great reviews and tweaks for Ubuntu 12.04

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I’ve been settling in to Ubuntu 12.04 for a couple of weeks now.  The short version is that I love it!  I was considering writing a review of it but have found several out there that are just brilliant.  Rather than rehash them, here they are.  If I have anything to add, I’ll do so in a smaller post.

First up, my favourite from Blaine Packer.  This review is what made me give Unity an honest try.  Blaine is clearly excited about Ubuntu 12.04, and so am I.  I share his optimistic appraisal of this release of Ubuntu.  It is fantastic.

Next, is the Ars Technica review.  As usual, Ars provides a good overview.  Unfortunately, I think that their Ubuntu 12.04 review was a little under-done; especially in comparison to their over-the-top reviews of Mac OS X.  Such is life.

Finally, we have Tech Faq’s review.  It is less optimistic but is very matter-of-fact.

In addition to these solid reviews, I have found the following tweaking guides to be rather handy:

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