Day-to-day with CrunchBang and NeatX

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The hard drive on my work Linux box died over the past weekend. It was a re-certified 500GB Seagate, so it wasn’t exactly a surprise.

As I NFS mount my home directory anyway, I installed a fresh copy of CrunchBang on the Sun Ultra 40 M2. The machine is a lovely but aging 2-socket dual-core (4 total) AMD Opteron machine with a still-impressive 16GB of RAM. It just flies with CrunchBang.

I’ve installed NeatX and am constantly connected to it over the OpenNX client from my MacBook Pro. Despite the levels of abstraction (Open NX over X11 on Mac through NeatX on Linux with OpenBox) the GUI is very responsive. Suspending and resuming sessions works brilliantly.

If CrunchBang continues to work this well, I may well replace the work lab machines with it over the summer.

GoSaBe Blog - Jan 24, 2012 | Linux