Coda 2 and Diet Coda!

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Today, Panic released my most anticipated pieces of software this year: Coda 2 and Diet Coda.  50% off just for the day.

Coda is the one-window web development tool that I’ve been using for four years now. It is hands-down the absolute best web development program I’ve used.

Diet Coda is Panic’s all-new iPad version of Coda. It keeps everything that was key to me and brings a level of productivity to the iPad that I have been waiting for.

Pre-Coda, I would use a mix of browser, SFTP program, and editor to do my web work. I switched between Konqueror/Kedit (which was as close to Coda as I was able to get in Linux) to gFTP/gEdit/Firefox, to gFTP/Jedit/Browser etc. Then along came Coda. It offered all of the above with the most elegant project management feature, Sites. As if this wasn’t enough, Panic also included a fantastic CSS editor, documentation, and a host of other features that I don’t currently use but know are just waiting for me as my work evolves.  Coda keeps me using a Mac.

Now, Panic has released version 2 and, perhaps more importantly, their iPad version, Diet Coda.

I’ve installed them both and have played a little bit already. They have massively changed the UI on the Mac version. My initial reaction was one of confusion, but I’m going to try working with it a bit. These guys know UI and UX. I trust them more than any other software company. I’ll report back in a a few days when I have a better sense of what they’ve cooked up for me.

My initial time with Diet Coda has been quite exciting. Even though they have stripped out plenty of functionality, everything that I need seems to be intact. I’m really looking forward to using this app.

Today only, Coda is $50 and Diet Coda is $10. This is half price. For me, I would easily have paid many times this. Coda is fantastic, I can’t recommend it enough.

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