Adding Ubuntu PPAs to Debian Squeeze 6.0

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As I have mentioned previously, I am now using CrunchBang Linux as my main Linux distribution. It’s based on Debian Squeeze, 6.0. While the repositories are great, I do find that I miss some of Ubuntu’s PPAs. Luckily, Debian 6.0 is largely compatible with Ubuntu 10.04, or Lucid.

Here’s what I have done to easily add PPAs to my Debian Squeeze machines:

1) Add the apt key for the PPA:
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys D018A4CE
Replace D018A4CE with the appropriate signing key. This is listed, along with the deb line for sources.list, when you click on the Technical Details link of a PPA, pictured below:

2) Add the deb line found on the Technical Details link to your sources.list file.  This will look something like:
deb lucid main

3) sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install your_package.

As an alternative, you can add your own add-apt-repository program following these instructions.

GoSaBe Blog - Jan 17, 2012 | Linux