A new MacBook Air!

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GoSaBe’s first purchase was my 2010 11″ MacBook Air. I’ts an absolutely fabulous machine. Even though it’s just a 1.4GHz Core 2 Duo with only 2GB of RAM, it’s the fastest Mac I’ve owned. The SSD just screams, and everything works faster than I’d hoped, even a year later.  In fact, after putting many miles on the machine, I’d say without hesitation that it is the best computer that I’ve owned.

It’s time for me to upgrade my main machine in my day job at the Queen’s School of Computing.  Currently, it’s a third-hand 2006 15″ MacBook Pro that I have plugged in to a 24″ Dell monitor.  After much consideration, I narrowed my choices to an iMac or a MacBook Air. Today, after weighing my options for over a month, I placed the order for the 1.8GHz i7 11″ MacBook Air with a 256GB SSD. It won’t be here for a couple of weeks but I have a 1.6GHz i5 version to tide me over until then. I just got it this afternoon, so I don’t really have a good feel for how it compares performance-wise to my 2010 model but I’m looking forward to the testing.

The interesting thing to me is that almost two years after the original 11″ MBA was released and a year since Intel’s Ultrabook initiative, a $300 million subsidy to spur competitors to create MacBook Air clones, the 11″ MBA is still the best choice.  It is the only system with the screen quality, size, and weight at this price.  Moreover, it manages to be smaller, faster, and lighter while maintaining the best battery life.  It really is amazing that what is essentially a side-project for Apple is better engineered than anything else that the entire PC industry can produce.  I like the MacBook Air but look forward to again considering a ThinkPad or EliteBook as a major purchase.  For now, Apple is in a league of their own.

GoSaBe Blog - Feb 29, 2012 | Hardware

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